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Case Studies

Case Studies



The client is the largest global Industry association for technology service professionals and companies (based in the US).

Management challenge
  • To create content and ad hoc reports culled from corporate filings targeting technology professionals community.
  • Lack of in house team to create and manage reports of high quality, time critical business & financial content.
  • To continuously refresh and update the content on a quarterly basis.
  • To justify the application or resource investments required and aligning them to business objectives of the organization.
  • Ensuring the reliability of the data for third party opinion and validation.
  • Limited scalability due to lack of resources and infrastructure.
  • To initiate and evolve a robust process which emphasizes judgment based results.
  • Engender discipline in content aggregation and collation process by applying methodologies to enhance productivity and improve content refresh and recycle time.
  • Offering elastic scaling and flexible pricing in terms of resources and time.
  • Devised a process which is a mix of rule based approach enabling productivity and analytical research for quality judgments.
  • Creating a lucid style guide to categorize technology service categories to enable uniformity in conclusions.
  • On time delivery of quarterly reports for global webcasts.
  • Output quality matching and exceeding the expectations of third party evaluation.
  • Client’s resources freed up to focus more on analytics and insight.