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Case Studies

Case Studies



The company operates an on-line pharmacy business for customers primarily in Europe. As a small business, the company's owner/operator was responsible for all aspects of the business - sales and marketing, order management, finance, logistics and customer service.

Management challenge
  • To find adequate time to build the business while having to manage the day-to-day operations - order processing, tracking, customer queries. As a result, it was extremely difficult for the owner/operator to focus on marketing and other business building initiatives.
  • To ensure accurate, reliable and timely customer service (ie. 24 hour order processing, refunds, order tracking) that will build customer loyalty and reduced churn
  • Limited financial resources to build an in-house customer service team, office and technology infrastructure.
  • The client decided to outsource the entire Order Management process to Ceequence. The process included validating on-line orders, handling exceptions (cancellations or modifications to an order), order tracking, order placement, refunds and product queries.
  • A dedicated team was trained on medical and pharmacology terminology, use of the on-line order management system. During the early stages, the client provided extensive training and on-going support to the core team which was crucial to the success of the business model.
  • Developed proprietary methodologies to validate and authenticate online orders.
  • The order volumes have increased by 300 percent over the past 18 months following Ceequence's handling of the Order Management process.
  • All new team members are trained by the Ceequence team, which has freed up the client's time for crucial business building initiatives.
  • Built a success partnership model that demonstrates the efficacy of a virtual business with the client and support team located in different continents.