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Case Studies

Case Studies



The company is one of United Kingdom's largest dealer/retailer of third generation mobile connections and handsets that is a pioneer in video calling services.

Management challenge
  • To distinguish the client's offerings among a plethora of products and services available in the market.
  • To introduce video calling to consumers who were unfamiliar with the new technology.
  • To develop a sales team knowledgeable with the products and complex mobile plans
  • Developed a training program and a process to ensure on-going updates and refresher training for the sales team.
  • The process was designed to periodically update information, improvements and ever shifting tactical objectives.
  • Blended call management to handle customer service and exceptions like cancellation or modifications to the orders.
  • Implemented stringent quality parameters to increase service levels.
  • The company's sales to new customers grew by 75 percent over 12 months.
  • Increased revenue from existing customers through the sale of new products and value added services.